Inter account transfer

What should I do if my savings account is not available?

Select Add an account from your accounts summary screen. This will take you into the Add Products to Accounts Summary screen where you can add your accounts online. These will display the next time you view your accounts summary.

Why can't I select my Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card account?

In order to make a payment to your Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card you can either:



How long will it take for the inter account transfer to be made?

Inter account transfers are normally treated as arriving in your account straightaway, except when they are made after 8pm or on a non bank working day. They will be treated as arriving in your account the next bank working day.

Can I transfer funds to my Cash ISA?

You can transfer funds to your Cash ISA however for your Cash ISA to remain valid you must not exceed the maximum annual subscription.

Can I transfer funds from my Cash ISA?

You can transfer funds from your Cash ISA however any funds withdrawn cannot be re-deposited.